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Top 5 Best Mixed EDM/House/Techno Tracks and Why They Shine


The electronic music realm requires its own mixing approach. The meticulous craft of mixing, unique to each genre, shapes the way we perceive and enjoy music. Let’s dive into five exceptional examples of expertly mixed EDM, House, and Techno tracks, exploring what makes them stand out.

Track 1: “Strobe” – Deadmau5

“Strobe” by Deadmau5 is a masterclass in the progressive build-up and spacious mixing. It features a wide stereo image, allowing each element to breathe and expand. The kick drum is tight, while the synths float in a reverberant space without muddying the mix. The balance of the high-frequency sheen and the substantial low end is truly remarkable.

Track 2: “Inspector Norse” – Todd Terje

Todd Terje’s “Inspector Norse” exemplifies how a well-mixed track can create a compelling groove. The punchy kick, the clean bassline, and the shiny lead synths all have their distinct space in the mix. The track effectively uses panning and EQing to maintain clarity, despite the numerous layers.

Track 3: “Grey” – Kölsch

“Grey” by Kölsch showcases sublime use of reverb and delay. It has a grandiose feeling while maintaining a distinct punch. The high-frequency elements shimmer across the top, the mid-range synths provide a melodic core, and the low-end offers a driving, danceable foundation. The elements interact beautifully, each in its designated sonic space.

Track 4: “Hyperreal” – Flume ft. Kučka

In “Hyperreal,” Flume combines a heavy bassline with airy vocals to create a track full of contrast. The clarity in the mix, with each element carefully EQ’ed and compressed, allows for a solid bass presence without masking Kučka’s vocal. It demonstrates how a well-balanced mix can ensure every detail comes through, even in a bass-heavy track.

Track 5: “Windowlicker” – Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker” is a testament to how creative you can be with mixing. It exhibits an excellent use of dynamic range, with elements popping in and out of the mix, creating an unpredictable and exciting listening experience. The complex interplay of sound design and intricate mixing techniques makes it a standout track in the world of electronic music.


These tracks provide invaluable lessons in mixing for EDM, House, and Techno. Each represents a unique approach to sound balance, frequency separation, and spatial distribution. They are sterling examples of how skillful mixing can enhance the music’s emotional impact, making it resonate with listeners on the dance floor and beyond.

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