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Hitsville Master vs. Fabfilter Pro EQ 3 on Master buss in DAW and more… the Hitville Master EQ By UAD better than the Fabilter because it's "analog"?.   Decoding EQ: UAD Hitsville vs. FabFilter Pro Q 3 EQ (Equalizer) plugins play a crucial role in sound production, influencing the final mix's quality and character. Two popular EQ plugins available in the market are the UAD Hitsville Master EQ…

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Parallel sidechain compression

Buss and Parallel Compression: Mixing kicks in any DAW

Important note to listen to this after illectronic kick compresion Mastered version with no transients. Will Show the master buss next. Parallel and Buss compression to create a NYC style punchy and interesting kick My real studio starts the video. But I can work with only a computer and headphones anywhere with the software This guide will…

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